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SKY HOUSE Construction company operates since 2005 and is a leader on the market in construction investment in the Rep. of Moldova. The company is a part of the Financial and Industrial Holding group PROMILTON which includes several companies operating in the Rep. of Moldova.

The types of activities performed by SKY HOUSE are as follows: developing and carrying out construction works as executor or beneficiary for commercial and housing projects in the whole country. From the beginning of a project up to the moment of its completion, the company confirms the title of a reliable partner.

The company executes projects in all the branches of the market, housing offers of the Comfort type, Business Class and Premium Class.

SKY HOUSE portfolio includes dozens of finished homes and housing complexes, commercial objects and the ones of hotel infrastructure alongside the projects that are highly estimated. All company projects are at different levels of preparation and realization.

Key competences of the company:

Maximizing the efficient use of the potential land.

Only the best architectural design concepts are being selected from the ones made by the best Studios of Architecture and Design Institutions.

Design is being made according to the European standards starting from the apartment itself to the neighbourhood.

Quality control of the project is performed at all levels of its realization.

Always delivering within the promised deadlines.

Providing great customer care from the moment of finalizing the contract, up to the moment of receiving full ownership of the object.

Implementing all the construction works in close accordance with the standards in construction and Moldovan Legislation.

Build quality

One of the main advantages of the company is using new technologies and materials of latest generation, which is distinguished by a longer qualitative usage and liaising with the health and safety norms.

When designing a housing complex it has been unanimously decided to build up the skeleton from  concrete and to reinforce it with red brick walls.

Skeleton scheme of reinforced concrete and ventilated facade.

The advantages of reinforced concrete are:

The possibility of using comprehensive solutions in planning and architectural elements. A flexible apartment planning (lack of large tracts walls) allows materializing the wishes of the beneficiary in planning the desired living space.

The tract walls at the construction with its reinforced concrete skeleton at every floor rests on the structure  and are self-supporting, which removes the need for these walls to be as a reference point for the upper floor,  therefore the base material can be less dense, but more thermally efficient. Contemporary demands on thermal conductivity of exterior walls do not allow building blocks with floors entirely made of brick, because the allowed thickness as per the standard would be 1.5 meters.

Another advantage of reinforced concrete frame construction is the safety in extreme conditions (force major), the skeleton made out of concrete will resist a total collapse of the walls, as an example it can be in the case of a gas pipeline explosion.

Undoubtedly properties using reinforced concrete skeleton are more advantageous than the ones using panels or brick construction.`

Here are created all necessary conditions for the lives of the people who are well aware of the price for a convenient and comfortable living.

The modern system of autonomous heating allows to control the temperature in the apartment, high quality PVC windows, individually metered water and electricity - is the list of incompatible facilities necessary for the comfort of discerning tenants.

Enterprise priorities


Respecting the deadlines mentioned for all types of work: designing, construction, installation, repair, finishing and decorating

Using efficient technologies in organizing and managing the production processes directly.

Satisfying the justified needs of the investor.

Technological level

The organization of the production based on the Implementation methods, mechanisms and modern materials.

The use of digital and radiometric technologies to inspect the quality control of the materials used and work done.

Flexibilities in cooperation with the investor.

Expanding spectrum (range) of the services provided.

Growth of the company.


Running the company only in accordance and under the Moldovan Legislation

Independent operation of the quality control for the work performed and materials supplied by the company.

 Planning profitable production cycles and operation.


 Modern and transparent approach to the company's situation before law enforcement.  

 Providing the Investor (upon request) information in regards to fulfil its obligations to any level of cooperation.

Regularly to inform the investment partners (through digital channels) the concerning characteristics and activities of the company.

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